Helping the person with dementia live well

Monday, 08 August, 2016

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Helping the person with dementia live well

People with Alzheimer's want to live well for as long as possible. The ability to remain healthy, active, engaged and independent are consistent desires identified by newly diagnosed individuals. Our caregivers play an important role in helping the person with dementia achieve these goals.

Consider the tips below that are used by our caregivers to help the person in early stage stay healthy for as long as possible:

  • Encourage physical activities. Based on results of some studies, exercise or regular physical activity may play a role in living better with the disease.  Choose activities you both enjoy.
  • Prepare meals that maintain a balanced diet and are low in fat and high in vegetables.
  • Create a daily routine which promotes quality sleep and engagement with others.
  • Identify situations which may be too stressful for the person with dementia.
  • Work together to find what helps the person relax