Help your aging loved ones to avoid falls and accidents around the house

Monday, 21 November, 2016

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Tips how you can avoid accidental falls around the house

Living Room and Bedrooms:

  • Remove clutter and electric cords from pathways and hallways
  • Keep a portable phone by their chair, couch or bedside
  • Make sure they have access to lighting when coming into and leaving hallways and rooms
  • Place nightlights to light hallways and thresholds between rooms
  • Place a piece of reflective tape on thresholds
  • Ask them to sit at the bedside or edge of a chair for one minute before rising
  • Make sure they keep assistive devices within arm’s reach. If assistance is needed for walking, a bell or wireless doorbell can be helpful to call for assistance
  • Look into a personal alert system they can activate if they are not in reach of a phone

Stairs and Floors:

  • Ensure they always wear shoes both inside and outside of the home and avoid walking with bare feet or socks
  • Consider installing handrails on both walls of stairwell for more convenient support
  • Keep all stairwells well lit
  • Install non-slip treads if stairs are not carpeted
  • Move furniture if necessary so that all paths are clear
  • Coil electric cords or tape them along the wall to keep pathways clear
  • Tape down edges of carpets or remove scatter rugs


  • Ensure easily accessed lighting and nightlights
  • Consider installing grab bars and non-skid mats in and out of tub
  • Consider installing a raised toilet seat for ease of sitting and standing to provide additional support
  • Consider a transfer or shower bench to ease fatigue during bathing or showering
  • Make sure they avoid use of bath oils or salts


  • Ask them to keep all cupboards and drawers closed to prevent bumping injuries
  • Keep their soap and paper towels by sink to prevent spread of infection
  • Place their electrical and flammable items away from the stove and sink
  • To prevent dizziness, show them how to use care when bending from the waist to pick up items that have fallen
  • Place their commonly used items on counter where they can be easily assessed