Care for your senior loved one after a heart attack

Tuesday, 28 February, 2017

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In many cases, heart attacks require surgery. If your loved one suffered an attack, they will need time and attention to recover. It can be overwhelming trying to determine how to care for them. At Caring Springs Senior Care, we want you to be prepared.

Key ways to help your loved one to recover from a Heart Attack

Manage Stress and Anxiety – Stress and anxiety cause the heart to work harder. They are factors that can prevent an individual from recovering quickly and fully. To help your loved one heal, make sure the stressors in their lives are kept at bay. An in-home caregiver can help minimize worry by assisting in daily tasks. This way, both you and your loved one can breathe easier.

Reducing Risk Factors – Part of the recovery process includes preventing another heart attack from occurring. Try to reduce or monitor heart attack risk factors. This includes watching the person’s weight, checking blood pressure / cholesterol, and getting them to quit smoking. Preventative measures can help protect them from future harm.

Exercise – One of the main ways to keep a heart strong and healthy is through exercise. As soon as the doctor says it is okay, get your loved one to start moving around. Have them do exercises that are within their ability. This will strengthen their heart and reduce issues of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Medication – Doctors often prescribe medication after a heart attack. The patient must take their prescription as instructed. However, fatigue and age cause some elders to forget. You can help your loved one make sure they are following the doctor’s instructions to speed healing.

At Caring Springs Senior Care, we have experienced caregivers ready to help. Whether your loved one needs a little help for a few hours or needs 24-hour care, we have you covered. Contact our care coordinator today!